|We will ensure that your land is firm and prepared for new development. 

|HKP DEMOLITION & EXCAVATION INC. is an agile, well-disciplined, and responsive enterprise that will provide personalised solutions in order to resolve clients’ demolition issues. We operate by following the latest trends in the Demolition and Wrecking Industry, offering
professional services to our clients, and operating sustainably.



About us

|HKP DEMOLITION & EXCAVATION INC.  provides high-quality services for all clients in GTA areas. Clients will choose HKP DEMOLITION & EXCAVATION INC. because of the highly skilled staff with many years of industry-related experience. We will differentiate ourselves from competitors by providing comprehensive demolition solutions that are based on a thorough understanding of the client’s needs and requirements. 

|HKP DEMOLITION & EXCAVATION INC. will focus on developing a highly-skilled workforce by making a significant investment in employee development and improvement, which may prove to be among the key success factors in this sector.

|HKP DEMOLITION & EXCAVATION INC.’s mission is to become a market leader and solve clients’ most demanding demolition, excavation, shoring, and concrete challenges. The Company will deliver innovative demolition solutions to the clients in the Greater Toronto Area. HKP DEMOLITION & EXCAVATION INC. will be committed to ensuring complete client satisfaction by providing high-quality services.



    HKP Demolition & Excavation Inc., 
    Toronto, ON, Canada

    Email: info@hkp-co.com